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Adult Day Programs Yuma, AZ

At Family Partners Yuma, our core principle revolves around nurturing a close-knit community where each individual is embraced with value, respect, and unwavering support. Our Adult Day Programs in Yuma, AZ, are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique needs of adults with developmental disabilities. With extensive experience and a devoted team, we wholeheartedly commit to delivering compassionate care and exceptional services, ensuring the well-being and fulfillment of every participant.

Why choose our Day Program for Adults with Disabilites?

Our day program stands out with its diverse and engaging activities, promoting community integration and continuous personal growth for every participant. We prioritize the well-being of each individual through dedicated support, and guidance from our amazing staff. Family involvement is at the heart of our program, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment where caregivers actively collaborate. Moreover, we provide essential respite for caregivers, enabling them to recharge and care for themselves.

Our Adult Day Program in Peoria Offers:

  1. Engaging Workshops: Immersive, interactive and enriching workshops that empower essential life skills and foster personal growth.

  2. Expressive Arts: Creative sessions that include various artistic expressions like painting and crafts, cultivating self-expression and a world of imagination.

  3. Recreational Adventures: Delight in group games and exercises that enhance physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork, making every moment filled with joy.

  4. Community Explorations: Exciting outings to local attractions and community events, embracing active participation and a profound sense of belonging.

  5. Practical Skills: Acquiring invaluable practical skills such as cooking, gardening, and basic financial management, empowering greater independence and self-sufficiency.

  6. Social Bonds: Forging profound connections with peers and our dedicated staff, cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters a strong sense of togetherness.

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