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Supported Employment for Opportunities

Family Partners LLC offers group supported employment for adults with developmental disabilities. Individuals are trained in employment readiness and maintenance skills that they put into practice in the community. 

Do you know a graduating high school senior with Developmental disabilites looking for supported employment?

If you or a loved one knows of an adult with developmental disabilities in need of supported employment, please contact one of our offices with any questions.

Our staff provides on-the-job training and supervision to create meaningful and long-term employment opportunities with several community employers. 

Take a look at the companies we are currently working with and read our reviews to learn why Family Partners is here to establish amazing employment opportunities to disabled adults.

  • Family Partners (Janitorial Enclave)
  • Family Partners (Ranch Hand Enclave)
  • Phoenix Flower Market (Community Employer)
  • Texas Roadhouse (Community Employer)
If you are a business interested in hiring our very capable adults, please contact us at 602-997-8300.

Our Developmentally Disabled Employment Opportunities

Individuals interested in pursuing future employment start in our “Pre-Vocational” group while receiving Day Program Services.  Goals are geared towards preparing to obtain and maintain employment and a specialized curriculum is used to teach these important skills.  Participants assist with operating our Snack Bar, shopping for and organizing supplies to keep the program running smoothly, and volunteering in the community.  Once participants have successfully completed the Pre-Vocational Program, they are eligible to move into our Sub-Minimum Wage Group Supported Employment (GSE) Program.

An individual who successfully completes the Pre-Vocational Program is eligible to obtain employment provided by Family Partners.  Current opportunities include janitorial services and ranch hand services.  Individuals are provided extensive on-the-job training and the support of a Job Coach.  Individuals in this program are paid wages based on their productivity level.  Participants who excel at this level are recommended to move into employment in the community..

An individual who excels at the Sub-Minimum wage opportunities within Family Partners will be eligible for employment in the community.  Family Partners has relationships with several businesses that we can refer individuals to.  If hired, Family Partners provides a Job Coach for on-the-job training and support. Individuals are paid the wage that is typically paid for that position. 

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