Meet Our Team

We are a Family

At Family Partners, we work as a unit to support the needs of the developmentally disabled. It’s something we’ve been dedicated to since 2000.

You can learn more about each team member by reading below. If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to call our Peoria office at 602-997-8300 or our Yuma office at 928-783-3858.

Our Staff

Tamara Gallinger

CEO, Founder
Tamara Gallinger has worked with children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families since 1989 and started Family Partners in 2000. She believes whole heartedly in her life-long calling – which is to help individuals with developmental disabilities feel value and purpose in their lives. Tamara’s goal is to partner directly with families to provide meaningful care and opportunities for growth for the entire family. In addition, she strives to provide a great employment opportunity for those of like mind and vision feel valued for their hard work and dedication to Family Partners.

Christine Saeva

Executive Director
Family Partners' Executive Director is Christine Saeva, and she has been with the agency since 2005. As Executive Director, Christine's mission is to support all employees and programs with professionalism and integrity while working toward the common goal of providing meaningful services. What Christine likes most about working for Family Partners LLC is knowing that hundreds of individuals and their families are positively impacted by the valuable services that are provided by the agency.

Dana Bash

Associate Executive Director
Dana says what she likes most about working with Family Partners is; Working with individuals with special needs brings with it a host of unique challenges and opportunities. The members I work with make every day fulfilling, and I know my work is making a positive impact and helping each individual to grow, gain skills and work towards independence.

Traci Kennedy

Associate Director of Administration
Traci Kennedy has been with the agency since 2008. Her favorite part of the job is working with great team members that are full of compassion and the drive to do what's best for each individual we serve. And the thing that Traci likes the most about Family Partners is that every day brings her new opportunities to meet and get to know wonderful families and providers that have the same passion for helping people as she does.

Michelle Vanderploeg

Associate Director of Program Operations, Training and Compliance
Michelle has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for 23 years. She has worked in Home and Community Based Services, Group Homes, and Day Programs throughout her career. She has also worked to build her knowledge and understanding of behavior and how to best support people. She is a certified trainer of Article 9, Prevention and Support, Direct Care Worker Training and CPR and First Aid. Michelle believes that people are full of potential and one of her goals in life is to help people become who they want to be. Michelle is from New Hampshire and has lived in Arizona since 2005.

Rocio Castro

Associate Director of Program Operations
Rocio has been working with special needs individuals since 2013. What she enjoys the most about her position is advocating for the members and helping them reach their full potential. Her passion is being the members' voice and making sure they are taken care of by compassionate and dedicated Direct Care Workers.

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